SBW fully active soundbars – A cinema sound without the headache

Screens are continually increasing in size and pictures are becoming more and more brilliant, however, one thing that the LCD and OLED screens of this world still lack is a good-quality sound. No wonder, because good speakers simply cannot be accommodated in a housing that´s just a few millimeters thick. And if these speakers are also directed towards the rear, disappointment is inevitable. Our soundbars offer a quick and easy solution to this, as they contain state of the art technology and, of course, decades of our experience in speaker construction. All of the qualities that you expect from a Magnat speaker are also embodied by the elegant, slim soundbars. Of course, we have also given a lot of thought as to how you can enjoy a cinema experience within your own four walls in the easiest way possible. All it takes is just a few simple steps to fill your home with an impressive surround sound instead of the dismal audio produced by your TV.

Home cinema? Didn´t this used to involve lots of speakers and even more cables? This isn´t the case with our fully active soundbars, because all you need to do is plug in the power cable and connect the HDMI lead to your TV set. When doing this, use the connection marked “ARC” (which stands for “Audio Return Channel”). This is where the sound from all of the sources that are connected to your television is output.

It means you are able to enjoy films and series with a perfect sound, as well as games, DVDs, Blu-rays or anything else you watch via Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV or a set-top box. Better still: If your TV supports HDMI-CEC, and all current models do, then you can conveniently control the system volume with your TV´s remote control. If this isn´t possible, you can simply use the supplied remote control.

Speaking of wireless: Of course, our soundbars also master the most popular of all the sources for simply playing music: Bluetooth. Version 5.0, which features the aptX lossless transmission protocol, means everything you have on your smartphone or tablet can be reproduced by the soundbar in a completely uncompressed format with the finest sound.

Our soundbars always include an active subwoofer for the very low frequencies. As these frequencies cannot be located by the human ear, this active woofer can be positioned virtually anywhere in your room. In order to take full advantage of this feature, the subwoofers of the SBW series are wirelessly connected to the soundbars; apart from a power connection, the woofer doesn´t require any additional cabling. This enables discreet placement anywhere in the room

Our soundbars differ in terms of size and number of built-in speaker systems. The SBW 280, for example, is a 2.1 system. This means that the soundbar itself is equipped with two channels for left and right audio. The active subwoofer for the bass component is then represented by the “.1”. The SBW 300 features three separate speakers for the right, left and center channels. This is what the “3” in the “3.1” designation stands for. Both solutions offer the best cinema sound. In the case of the larger units, the three separate channels allow a significantly better assignment of the film audio to what´s happening in the picture.

In order to do justice to what the director had in mind for the sound during production, our soundbars naturally master the Dolby Digital format and are thus able to reproduce all the subtleties of a film´s atmosphere. What´s more: Our realistic, DSP-controlled 3D surround sound program elicits an impressive surround sound from all sources. Three presets for the integrated equalizer enable optimized sound reproduction for films, music and enhanced speech intelligibility. The night mode uses a reduced dynamic range, which allows you to easily understand what´s being said late at night without you having to worry about any sudden sound effects waking up the entire house.

First and foremost, soundbars need to sound good. However, we couldn´t help making them look very elegant as well with a high-quality finish; after all, they are always located in a prominent position in the living room. The slim 7.5 cm high housings cut a fine figure wherever they are positioned. They can be placed on a sideboard both underneath and in front of the screen, depending on what set up you prefer.

The housings are made of a low-resonance MDF, which is a material also used in the construction of high-end speakers. At the rear you will find a fixture for mounting the soundbar onto a wall, which is ideal if this is where your flat screen is already mounted. All of the essential operating elements are easily accessible at the top of the device. Of course, the active subwoofers are also equipped with sturdy MDF housings. The powerful long-throw woofers, which measure 200 and 250 mm in diameter, are directed to the side, while the aerodynamically shaped bass reflex tube ends at the front.

Unpack, connect and enjoy. Thanks to Magnat´s soundbars, you will be enjoying a perfect and, above all, uncomplicated cinema experience within your own four walls in no time at all. Instead of the embarrassing sound produced by your TV, you can now enjoy impressive cinema audio with friends and family – all in a thoroughly stylish setup.